• Hello,
    I’m Charles ‘Joel’ O’Connell

    A North Carolina based web-developing graphic designing musician. Thanks for visiting!

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  • What’s OCPC?

    OCPC is my company. We specialize in web and graphic design, technology assistance and selling video camera systems.

  • What does it mean?

    Combine part of my last name and the passion for technology and computing. It started as O’Connell Computing Plus Creativity and grew into One Choice, Pick Chuck.

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  • One stop assistance!

    Technology questions? Is your PC or Mac not working right? Debating which video camera system to buy? Ready for some 3D wooden artwork?… or maybe some tips for that jump shot!! 🙂

  • Quilt Blocks? What’s that!?

    Imagine 3D art painted on weather-treated plywood and displayed from your home or barn… inside or out. Sizes range from 1 ft by 1 ft up to 6 ft by 6 ft.

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What my clients say about me and my work

Joel is a pleasure to work with. He sold me a video camera system at my rental property AND our main home. When my computer stopped working, he was there to help. Highly recommended!

Bob O.Home Owner and Computer User

Joel helped our small business with computer upgrades, sold us a video camera system and redesigned our restaurant menu & table cards. It’s been a great experience working with him and we will continue to do so in the future.

Gary C.Business OwnerThe Fireside Restaurant & Pancake Inn

What an artist! He duplicated a quilt pattern from a blanket my mother made into a hand painted 4 ft. by 4 ft. wooden Quilt Block. His artwork hangs on an outside wall of our cabin and looks terrific! Thanks again Joel!!

Teresa F.Quilt Block Owner

Our company was introduced to Joel in the mid 80’s. His insight with data entry, graphics, computers and technology helped us establish a digital footprint and make smart tech purchases. He know’s his stuff!

Greg B.Business OwnerFlorida Agents

Ok, lets recap!

Web Development

Offering responsive web design using WordPress. Give your site a fresh new look today!

Graphic Design

Need a logo, stationary, business cards, print or web media? Look no further, let’s discuss your next big idea!

Quilt Blocks

Custom pieces of 3D art made from weather resistant wood. For your home, barn. Inside or out!

Video Camera Systems

Debating which CCTV camera system to buy? Let me sell you your next system!

Technology Help

PC or Mac Computer not working right? Can’t get your printer to behave? That phone or tablet just isn’t work as fast as they use too? Let’s talk!

Audio/Video Advice

From making music to picking the right surround sound for your home theater. Find the sound that moves your soul!

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